Family Law in Vero Beach

The Family Together

When young family members have minor disagreements, often it’s the parents who mediate the situation and decide on the outcome. However, when adult disagreements become major legal issues, it’s usually left to attorneys to sort things out in a courtroom. And just like with children, there are bound to be hurt feelings that can last long enough to separate family members for many years to come.

At the law firm of Green & Metcalf PA, located in Vero Beach, FL, attorneys specialize in all areas of family law and believe in doing everything they can to keep a family together at all costs. “We believe in the strength of the family unit, and do whatever we can to keep families from falling apart after a legal battle fought in a family law courtroom. We work tirelessly to explore every option available to our clients and their families so that the decision that’s reached by the court is one that all parties can accept,” said Norman A. Green, Senior Partner at Green & Metcalf.

“There are many times in life when we have to accept being a winner or a loser, but fighting against a family member in a courtroom shouldn’t be one of those times for anyone. For anyone who finds themselves in that situation, I say call us at Green & Metcalf and let us do our best to keep your family together,” summarized Norman Green.

Norman A. Green is the founder and a partner of Green & Metcalf - Attorneys At Law. He has over 40 years of experience in the practice fields of criminal defense and family law (divorce, child custody, child support, paternity, modifications of existing orders, prenuptial agreements and alimony cases).

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