Breaking Away from Non-violent Abuse

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Categories: Domestic Violence

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Non-violent Abuse

Oftentimes, the evidence of domestic violence is clear to see; however, not all forms of abuse leave an external mark. Emotional and mental abuses are real and can be dealt by either party in the relationship. Entire households are ripped apart by ongoing and sometimes continuous, efforts to demoralize and stigmatize one’s partner.

“Abuse doesn’t always mean physical assault. Insulting language and intimidation are just a couple examples of a type of domestic abuse that can leave lasting scars on the targets. These behaviors work to erode the victim’s mental health overtime,” said Norman A. Green, Senior Partner at Green & Metcalf P.A. of Vero Beach, FL.

Sadly, the children of such couples grow up having this type of behavior modeled and may come to see it as the normal dynamic between spouses—or from parent to child— and the cycle is repeated for the next generation. Do not ignore the insults or make excuses to protect the offending partner. If they refuse to amend their behavior or seek counseling, you may have no choice but to get out of the abusive situation.

“Consult a family law attorney for guidance. You have the right and responsibility to get free from any type of domestic abuse—even non-violent. The Court gives special consideration to custody where abuse is involved. The attorneys at Green & Metcalf have a experience in these types of cases, and we work hard to make sure our clients and their dependents are protected,” said Green.

Norman A. Green is the founder and a partner of Green & Metcalf P.A. He has over 40 years of experience in the practice fields of criminal defense and family law (divorce, child custody, child support, paternity, modifications of existing orders, prenuptial agreements and alimony cases).

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